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Rain, rain go away...... NO! get me my gumboots!!!

Splish, splash!......My daughter LOVES the rain and she wouldn't have it any other way.

However there are some people that would wish the dry days return and begone with the wet rainy days.

We've seen leaking roofs, floods, pot holes and the amount of laundry we have to wash seems to become a mountain of clothes real quick.

But change you change the weather?...

Can your 'wishing' make any difference to the rain?

Is the weather in your control?

No, grab an umbrella and a pair of gumboots.

Like the 'rain' in you life, can you change your stress level?

can you change you manager?

can you change your partner?

What's in your control? .... EVERYTHING!

All things in you life can be changed by making a DECISION!

Living in stress, anger, frustration, low energy, procrastination are all choices.

But so is going for a morning walk, calling up an old friend, smiling a little more, saying 'Thankyou' to the store assistant more often.

Wake up with a smile, be grateful you can here the rain for a great sleep and go to bed knowing that you changed someone else's life for the better.


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