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"You have to find the exact problem before you can fix it."

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The most common issue we see in our office and it is usually due to RSI , poor posture, phone use and technology stress.

Whiplash, old injuries, wrong sleep position, stress and anxiety can cause the spinal joint to mis aligned leading to nerve pressure. Chiropractic adjustments can restore joint function and nerve flow.  



The second most common issue we see in the office. It could be a disc, nerve, muscle, ligament sprain, referred pain pattern from another source, visceral-somatic referral. Which one is it? what can I do? 

First thing is to get a proper assessment and find out the root cause of the problem with a Chiropractic assessment.


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Can't sit or walk properly? Does the shoot pain down the leg? Getting pins and needles? It could be sciatica.

There are 5 different area where nerves can get pinched/trapped that cause sciatica.

Piriformis syndrome, bulging disc or arthritis are common causes of low back problems. 


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Chronic overload to your spine can create huge amount of stress to your spine and stress the spinal cord. muscle tension, breathing issues, digestive issues can all arise from poor posture. 

It can cause a 'Hump' around the neck area which is aesthetically unpleasing.

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Scoliosis is a bend from left to right that causes tension in the spine and spinal cord. Itcan be congential or acquired throughout life. 

It can cause respiratory issues, neck pain, low back pain, general spinal muscle tension. 

It's a real issue with more technology and lack of movement in today's lifestyle.



There are varying causes of headaches from tension, cervicogenic, hormonal and postural headaches. 

In order to successfully manage headaches a proper assessment is needed. Mis aligned joints in the neck can cause headaches and can be successfully treated with Chiropractic adjustments

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