"You have to find the exact problem before you can fix it."

neck pain 1.jpg

The most common issue we see in our office and it is usually due to RSI , poor posture, phone use and technology stress.

Whiplash, old injuries, wrong sleep position, stress and anxiety are some other major causes of neck pain. 

Self Help: Stretches, heat pack, breaks from the desk/phone/ yoga 



second most common issue we see in the office. It could be a disc, nerve, muscle, ligament sprain, referred pain pattern from another source, visceral-somatic referral. Which one is it? what can I do? 

First thing is to get a proper assessment and find out the root cause of the problem.

Self Help: Low back and hamstring stretches. 


pulled hammy.jpeg

Can't sit or walk properly? Does the shoot pain down the leg? Getting pins and needles? It could be sciatica

Work out exactly where the pinch is first before you try to self correct it.  


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Chronic overload to your spine. Most commonly found is people who sit for long periods of time. 

(Office worker, students, driver)



Self Help:  Regular stretch breaks from the desk every hour, standing work station setup, lunchtime walks

scoliosis-condition bw.jpg


Scoliosis can be congential or acquired throughout life. 

It can cause respiratory issues, neck pain, low back pain, general spinal muscle tension. 

Self Help: Daily stretches, hot showers, massages, foam rolling and yoga.



There are varying causes of headaches from tension, cervicogenic, hormonal, postural headaches. 

Self Help: Observe for any patterns (AM/PM, time of the month, etc) location of pain, duration of headache and if there are any triggers (stress, food, etc)