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Prescription Drugs


Eliminate the addiction to medication. There are hidden side effects and other issues that can be caused with prolonged use of drugs. Get your food and fluids intake right to speed up the recovery and be able to have MORE energy during the day. 

Low GI, low carbs,  high essential fatty acids are key elements to maintain the energy stores to keep your body working efficiently and effectively. 

Chemical imbalances have been linked to Low back and stomach pain



Two traumas that can affect your health

1) Macro traumas

- Sports injuries

- Car accidents

- Falls and fracture

- Major incidents in your life

2) Micro Trauma

- Poor daily habitual habits

- Excessive sitting 

- Incorrect computer and phone use

- Repetitive stress-strain injuries

We assess, diagnose, treat and manage conditions naturally. From neck pain, poor posture, low back pain, disc injuries... the list goes on. 

Stressed Woman


Stress has been linked to most of the major health problems we face today. 

3 great tips to de-stress

1) Time out- Take a break and snap out of the daily grind and do something different. Try something new to expand the mind.

2) Mindfulness- Tune in to the present moment because there's nothing more important than right here, right now. 

3) Yoga- stretch the body and mind. Restore strength, balance and flexibility in your muscles.

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