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7 tips to survive your work Xmas party!

It's a mad rush to the end of the year and we all know it’s coming yet it seems to get fast each year. Finishing off last minute projects, pushing though deals before you go on leave, have you done all of your shopping..... Where is the work Xmas party going to be at?

It can be a real deal breaker or career maker. What happens at the work Christmas party stays at the work Christmas party.... or does it?

1) Pace yourself- Eat and drink in moderation. There will be huge meals, food and all types of drink but that doesn’t mean you have to consume it all at once and end up in a food coma. It's one night out and too hard, too fast can leave you KO'd before the night has even started.

2) Meet n greet- It's a really good excuse to meet and introduce yourself to literally EVERYONE at your workplace. You might be in different teams but you are all there to relax and celebrate the festive season. Just walk up and start talking to that guy you always see at the coffee who orders a long black, or that girl who you never had an excuse to ask her name... now is the time. Who knows where it could lead to

Don't get tempted this Christmas

3) Bosses are a no-fly zone- Too messy, too complicated, if the boss gets drunk and starts giving you weird and funny looks, stay away and move one. One night could lead to a promotion but your reputation will never recover.

4) Uber it home- No brainer, if you haven't though about this then you really shouldn't be drinking.

5) No work, more play- It's a really good chance to see how your work colleagues are as 'normal people'. They have a personality, quirkiness and you might even have common interest once you get talking. It's not a time to discuss the next major project or bring up and complain about past events but more about knowing them on a personal level and seeing life from their shoes.

Let it go, talk about ANYTHING else besides work. Even what type of grass you laid in your backyard.... anything but work.

6) Re connect- Call up an old colleague, boss or client and invite them out for lunch. It's the perfect time to maintain relationships and keep the friendship going. You never know what plans or options there may be. You could be able to help someone and join 2 people together.

Everyone loves a 'Thankyou'

7) Say thanks- To you manager, other customers, joint partners..... say 'Thanks' to the people who have helped you this year.

There's isn't a great gift than a compliment so start handing them out like a Frisbee.

So that wraps up another year and the work Xmas party can be used to benefit or burn your career.


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