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The best hip and butt workout!

For the ladies it's the most sensitive area and most stressed about body part. I'll give you my rundown on the best workouts for hips and butt this summer. Get that killer booty but be warned, you're legs will get wobbly for a few days. Always be careful if you have any lower back, hip, knee or ankle issues- get clearance before starting.

1. Weighted Hip Thrusters

The grand daddy of all glut workouts is the hip thruster. Watch the video and follow closely.

2. Squat on Bosu ball

By adding an uneven surface to your squat, you will fire off the deep core stabilisers in the hip and abdominal areas and also trigger the proprioceptive nerve pathways to your brain.

This will help with co ordination, toning and get your 100% focused on balance while you squat.

To add that extra challenge you can grab a pair of weights or kettle bell and squat on the bosu ball.

3. Bulgarian split squat

For the more advanced people out there, the one legged Bulgarian split squat will do wonders for you gluts and thighs.

Start with a basic split squat and work your way to this awesome leg burning exercise.

4. Tennis

One of the best sport for toning up legs and thighs. It is great for co ordination and developing agility and swift movements on your feet.

You can run kilometers and not even know it and with the multidirectional running you work all muscles in every direction for a complete workout.


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