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Mindset overload- 5 ways to navigate stress in 2022

life is full of colour, family, friends, smiles
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Lets just cut to the chase.... it's been good, bad and damn right ugly!

It's brought on anew level of stress and anxiety for a lot of people. But here are the top 5 ways the manage stress in 2022

  1. COLOUR- add bright colours in you life! clothes, decor, food, drinks. By adding a splash of colour and getting a little risky and different will expand you visual stimulation and your mind for the usual 'safe' choices to me exciting 'colourful' choices.

  2. FAMILY- travel and see family, give them a call, say 'Hi, just checking in to see how you are doing?' I mean, how do you feel when someone calls you up out of the blue to ask how you are doing?

  3. FOOD- Eat you way to better healthy, Eat MORE fruits, MORE vegetable, drink MORE fruit juices. I say eat MORE not less.

  4. CELEBRATE- treat yourself at the end of that project, go out for you birthday, make the EFFORT and put ENERGY behind celebrations and because I believe we don't celebrate life enough. There's nothing better than laughing and connecting (in person of course) with those who you care about most

  5. SMILE- When I buy my coffee, a smiles for some reason makes it taste better. Research has shown that society find people who smile more attractive and feel more comfortable to approach than those who don't. So if you want to be more ATTRACTIVE and more APPROACHABLE then SMILE :)


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