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Once upon a time..... when you were young

It seems like yesterday when you were planning you wedding and then you actually had to get dressed and show up on time making sure you didn't loose the ring and stumble over your vowels............ fast forward 5, 10, 15 years on it it's a distant memory.

You find grey hairs peeking through the lush head of hair, it takes a little longer to get out of bed, you feel you battery for life isn't quite as full as it once use to be. Joints can feel like an there might be a little building up and your arms are softer than you wanted.

This is life.........

This is getting older...........

This is moving into the next stage of you life!

Dealing with the changing climate of stress and different priorities of family, friends, finances and your own health can be very overwhelming. But you probably feel and think the same as you did in your earlier days. Your mind is still young, still quick to react, the ability tocome up with solutions on the run is still there. The mind is a powerful ting and the most under rated resource we have and it is ours to control.

Reading new books, learning new skills, hobbies, talking to people and engaging in thought provoking conversations is will the juices in the brain razor sharp. It helps reduce the chance to Alzheimer's and Dementia creeping into your brain so you have to protect with all your might because one day................ you may forget and not remember that day where you walked down the aisle and said "I Do"


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