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6 Hacks to instantly alleviate stress!

We all go through stress in our lives it's inevitable, but there are some ways to minimise the impact it has on your life

1. Kick them out! People who are toxic and energy vampires need to go. Remove them gracefully from your life and you will begin to feel lighter in the shoulder and in the mind. It’s a tough decision to make because it could be family, a relative a long term friend that may need to exit your life for you to be able to grow.

2. Work on a solution not ponder over the problem- Life is going to throw problems at you all the time so you can say ‘why me!’ or ‘Lets do this!’. The sooner you get out of a funk and take action to solve the problem, the better you will feel. You might not find the right answer immediately but you will be in a better space than where you were.

3. Seek mentorship- Others have traveled down the same road before so why not talk to them to see what they have done to successfully overcome their challenges. You can’t figure life out on your own so fast track it and leverage off others to their opinion. Get the shortcuts, tips and most importantly save time!

4. Be a kid- do something you use to get a lot of joy doing. It could be playing computer games, shooting some hoops, going for a jog or just eating some ice cream. We’ve lost that child-like happiness and life has become so serious we tend to forget what life is about. We for get how to be happy. By enjoying the little things again, it will release the feel good hormones in your body so you are more relaxed and better company.

5. Peace- get some peace and quiet in your life. Rest, read, relax and have some quiet time. No phone, no email but instead be quite. Head to the country for a drive, go for a mountain trail walk and re connect with nature. Swim in a river, walk barefoot on grass, watch a campfire flicker through the night. A break in your everyday environment will produce a different energy and thinking. Have the honest conversation with yourself and you will be amazed at what comes up.

6. Gratitude- Your situation is bad compared to who? The homeless guy on the street who can’t even find a hot meal or Richard Branson?

We generally compare ourselve to those closest to us who we see as more successful. It could be healtheir, richer, happier. We all have different challenges, opportunities and circumstances we need to handle. It definitely could be worse but we live in a country where all things aside we have running water, roof over our head, food on our plate and clothes on our back. Sit back and think for a moment that you are in a good place and be grateful for the people around you, the experiences you’ve had and the wins that you've had.

Stress is intangible, in your head, different triggers cause it but it really comes down to how you perceive it. Is life plotting against you to destroy you or is it an opportunity to grow and develop as a better person?


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