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Where to start when you want to get fit

So it's time to get moving but what should I do to get started?

1. Yoga

Don't under estimate the value to stretching. Yoga has been around for 100's of year and now have become one of teh most popular mainstream forms or exercise and stress relief.

Start small, let go of your ego and try it. You might not be able to touch your toes today but like anything with consistent practice you will get there!

Tip: Start with the introduction yoga classes to gauge your flexibility level

2. Full Body exercisesTo save you time and to get the best overall workout, one of my favorites is the olympic weight lift. Yes it is an advanced exercise but once you breakdown the sequence and fire off the muscles in sequential order, your whole body will feel it.

Tip: Always switch your core on and drive your heels into the ground

3. Team Sports

It's about communication, reliability and digging deep for your team mates. Sharing wins and loses is more fun and by experience it among others it create a unique bond that will be remember for a lifetime.

Tip: Pick a sport, join a club, don't take it too seriously and have some fun!

4. Walk it out

The most safest and easier form of exercise on the planet- Walking.

You can start anytime, go as far as you like, least injury prone exercise.

You just have to decide to start. Pick a nice track and go for it!

Tip: Try to pick a nice track so you can observe and appreciate the beauty of nature and take in the fresh air!

Before starting any exercise program, get the right advice and clearance from your doctor, exercise coach, fitness instructor, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor


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