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How to maximise your holiday in 5 steps!

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, we should be getting out and stretching our minds for new experiences. Here's my top 5 tips to enjoy your next break

1. Different place each year

What I try to do is to go somewhere I haven't been before. Even if it's to a small country town or a drive down the coast, explore and see and sight and sounds of a new place.

it will give your perspective on how other people live, what they experience as their reality and open up your mind to meeting and talking to the locals.

2. Disconnect completelyOur lives are full of distractions and the best way is to switch the phone off (or to flight mode) and take a real break from the world. Some people find it difficult to alone with themselves and even hard to hold and carry a conversation with those around them. This is push up to practice on staying present and being in the moment. For life is 'now' not tomorrow.

3. Get outdoors

We spend way too much time coupe up between four walls and so the best to do is get out and stretch your legs.

Hiking is a great way to get back to nature, see views of this wonderful planet we love on and also it's probably a place where you can only access by feet.

4. Have a target

Set the intention on what you want to achieve out of your break.

Is it to have time to yourself and think?

Explore and experience new treasures?

Go with the flow and have no expectations?

Sight see and tick it off your bucket list?

The clearer you are, the more enjoyable the holiday!

5. Invest in yourself

There's no greater investment that taking the time to put back into yourself.

We spend so much time looking after family, friends, clients, business partners, employers and so it's a good idea to out some care back into 'Me time'

Some great book to read are

* The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

* The 4 Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz

* The Alchemist- Paul Coelho


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