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The 5 health habits for a successful life

We all have habits both good and bad. But how did we get them?

How did we form these rituals we carry out each day? Was it out teacher? parents? boss? partner? brother? sister?

Who told us they were the right things to say and do?

Why are we rushing around like a headless chicken?

Over the years there has been a huge explosion in fitness, wellness healthcare, The 'laptop lifestyle', organic foods, stress management, 20 year old entrepreneurs bursting onto the scene... but why is this so important that it attracts the most downloads and searches on the internet?

Well, it isn't important really. Sometimes I think we've been blind sided by the shiny new object and have forgotten about the success and happiness that our grass roots once gave us as children.

Here are 5 great good old fashion happiness strategies for you to apply today!

1) Family- Get back to putting family first and maintaining healthy relationships with all involved. I don't hear of people the mother's sitting around talking about family, kids, exchanging recipes while preparing meals for their husband who are outside helping put up a veranda while the kids run around the yard playing super heroes.

2) Phone a friend- We would rather send an sms, message than pick up the phone and talk to a mate. It's very different when you read versus talking. Messaging can be read in so many different ways and be taken in the wrong context. Listen to the tone, speed, volume of someone's voice will give you a better connection with that person.

We all need n ear to listen to every now and again so its healthy to call and trusted friend to tell them about your life but also listen to theirs.

3) No phones over dinner- Dinner time is a time to connect, share, explore, understand those around you. It's a very important time to untie and maintain healthy family relationship where every member can speak up and be heard without being judged and feel they are truly part of the family. It is so important to feel 100% engaged and present when you speak to someone so pay the favour to listen when they talk.

For example, my son Liam (5 years old) lost with favorite water bottle was was upsetting to him, but by speaking out and letting his younger brother Alex (only 3 years old) give him a huge, he felt a lot better and understood that his pain was important and valued.

4) Be present- We can get caught up in planning so much that we lose the sense of present time consciousness. Depression occurs when we are full of regret about anxiety happens when we think and fret of the worse case scenario for the sure that hasn't happened yet.

So be present, control the mind to be in the here and now and hyper-focus on what you need to do right now. Get that email out, phone that client, wash those clothes, get busy and take action on what needs to be done NOW!

Time... it's ticking by every second

5) Time, don't waste it- It's the one thing that can never be replaced, you don't know how much you have of it yet we wast it like there's a never ending supply of it.

I've asked many people in their twilight years and they all tell me one common theme.

'Don't waste your time'.

With friends who don't respect you

In a job that you hate and only do it for the money

Complaining about your weight

Making excuses about how life is so unfair

In toxic relationships that you need to grow out of and move on.

What is worse than wasting your time is sitting on your veranda in your comfy rocking chair, slowly watching the sun go down and thinking..... "I should have....."


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